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World-Class Online Data Backup for DJs, Photographers, and Videographers

Tired of worrying about copying your data to multiple drives or burning CDs/DVDs, making sure that every file is there, separating the drives in case of a fire, theft, etc? The list goes on..

WeDJ.com now offers a solution to your problem! Simply install a small piece of software on your computer (or just use your FTP client) that we provide, select the files/directories you want backed up, and provide a username/password - and the files will automatically be backed up every night, immediately, or on any other schedule that you choose.

DJs-Disc Jockeys:

Rest in peace knowing that all the hours that you've spent ripping CDs - you will NEVER have to do again. In addition, if you have access to the internet at a gig, and your drive fails - simply open up your software, and download the titles that you need! No more resorting back to CDs - you can continue playing in a minute rather than running out to the truck and hauling in the cases (if you carry them with you).


If you take a lot of photos at high resolution, and download them to your computer - you'll soon begin to realize exactly how much space those photos take up. Now, you'll be able to backup those files remotely, then remove them from your PC to free up space for your current customers! No more buying DVDs to burn all the old photos to, keeping them somewhere taking up physical space in your house. The benefits are endless!


Like the photographers - how much space is taken up on your computer with video from previous customers? Need to open up space for new video, but not sure what to do with the old. Use our remote data storage to accomplish just this! Backup your old video to us, and then you'll be able to remove it from your computer. If you would ever need it in the future, you can download it back to your computer or do with it whatever you'd like!


Don't forget about your other important company files! Financial files (Quickbooks, Quicken, etc.), music lists, copy's of contracts...the list goes on!


  • No specific software required (any software that supports FTP is compatible)
  • No restriction on upload/download speed
  • No monthly bandwidth limitations
  • Backup whatever you want (CDs, Internal or External Hard Drives)
  • Unlimited & No extra charge for support
  • Unlimited computers (PC and Mac Compatible), Unlimited Access
  • Redundant! WeDJ.com mirrors your data to an additional hard drive as well to protect from any data loss
  • Secure Servers! Each placed behind a hardware firewall with brute force detection software to protect from hacking attempts
  • ONLY $0.05/GB/Month

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