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Contact: Dj Victor
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DJ Victor Description

DJ Victor's "thing" is playing requests. He accesses a library of 40 million songs (all legal) and is thrilled to play whatever type of music you want: Current Hits, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Electronic Dance, Pop, 80s, Indie Rock, Reggae, Blues, Oldies, Disco, Hardcore Rap, Salsa, Motown, Punk... whatever! Victor plays the best mix you'll hear anywhere.

Cities Served by DJ Victor

  • Los Angeles-long Beach-santa Ana, Ca Metropolitan Los Angeles County

Additional Information

Victor's Business...

DJ Victor specializes in nightclubs, taverns and places that cater to fun-oriented nightlife. He is currently deejaying three nights a week at three different nightclubs... one with an all-ages crowd, two with an early-twenties crowd, packed to capacity.

Victor does not typically deejay at weddings, except in special circumstances. He will consider doing private parties and corporate events depending on available dates. (He has a killer sound system and dance lights.) If you have an event you'd like Victor to deejay, please do not hesitate to inquire of him.

The best way to contact Victor is by email or online form. Simply visit the DJ Victor Website and send a message from there, or click here: dj@victorboc.com.

Victor's Philosophy...

Through more then 20 years of deejaying, Victor has learned the secret: play what the crowd wants to hear. That's it. Play the songs people know and love.

Most deejays do not do that. They stand up there in their own little world, playing their own favorite songs, trying to impress everyone with their great mixing skill. Victor can do fancy stuff too, but that’s not what people care about. They care about the music.

Ask yourself: Would you rather hear a bunch of songs you don't like or a variety of your favorites? Easy choice, huh? However valuable mixing skill may be, the single most important thing is playing songs the crowd enjoys. Nothing matters as much as that.

That's why Victor loves taking requests. Most deejays hate requests. They try to avoid them. There are blogs telling deejays how to tactfully dismiss requests. Victor is different. He encourages requests. Requests are a sure-fire way to know exactly what the crowd wants. And that's what it's all about. Not the deejay.

Victor's Biography...

As a child, one of Victor's favorite things to do was to play records for people. Whenever company would come over, he'd plead with them to make requests so he could play their songs for them on his stereo. He'd announce each song while changing records. And he wouldn't quit until the audience had to leave.

One day when Victor was sixteen, he went to a gathering at a park. There, a college radio station had set up a remote broadcast. It was nothing more than a card table, a tiny mixer and a two turntables. But to Victor, it was heaven. He persuaded them to let him DJ for a while. So, for an about an hour, Victor had the time of his life. If there were ever any doubt about his passion for deejaying, that day removed it.

Victor began deejaying at top-rated radio stations in cities like Cleveland, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland. More than twenty years ago, he started doing nightclubs. In the 1990's, he managed and deejayed at three area clubs: Confetti's, Mill Camp and Scandals (which, during his time there, became the most popular nightclub in the state).

Recently, Victor has deejayed at Quackers, Sam's on Franklin, Tiny Tavern, The Bridge, Old Pad, Green Room, Blairally Arcade, Vets Hall, McArthur Court, Colonial Room, Sam Bond's, Embers, Max's, Taylor's and other local night spots. He is part of the DJ crew who owned and operated The District and The Rok, both phenomenally successful. And Victor has been awarded a place among the BEST OF THE CITY for Club DJ by Eugene Weekly. This honor is determined by public voting.

These days, Victor deejays every week at three area nightclubs, and he has ongoing clients for whom he deejays at places like the Hilton Ballroom. He even deejays for kids: Dance Party 4 Kids.

No matter where Victor deejays, no matter how big or how small the crowd, he feels the same passion he did as a teenager that day in the park. Victor was born to deejay. And deejay he will. Maybe even for you.

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