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Our intended purpose is to create an environment through music, in which listeners can feel self- actualized for that present moment. Thus, it is our wish, that we can perform music that will create a magnificent energy, that is followed by excitement, however, listeners will always feel content. Therefore, at this point in time, which in many cases is a time of celebration, individuals can truly sheare amongst each other their innate urge to celebrate, and overall true happiness and joy that what ever is being celebrated is taking place. Personal quote, "Constucted from what makes this clock tick. Is the foundation of another drum kick. Da ba baoomb, da boom, bit. that's how this 4 to the floor is gonna hit. tick tock, tick tock, time won't stop, but a rhythm of these hands are rockin on top. Mark this time cause, it's like non-other. time live, time to die for a brother. Dont't look now it might be over your shoulder. The way a hand could lookout for the other. Why now, sound and time don't match, between the hands it does dispatch a rythm, a groove, a sense of movement, a sense of time, non-cungruent. Flicker, flacker the second steps back, takes a deep breathe and starts to react, into a motion that starts to attack the wave for sound to contract. London, Paris, East La. Dubai, berlin, whomever can play, Come play with me into this sound endevor to live, to die, & to be heard forever. "

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