SamsonWeb Entertainment
Company Description

SamsonWeb Entertainment is your DJ event specialist for music you enjoy dancing to, mood lighting to set the ambiance, and also a video provider for special pictures or music videos you may want to display at your special event. We are not new kids on the block since we are definitely from the old school, 20+ years, where 1200s and vinyl were the norm for mixing music. However, we've grown up since then and of course upgraded to the digital world but still mixing and blending music the old school way when possible. Don't settle for average jukebox DJs we see so often that just presses play randomly and can't grasp the concept of beat matching, blending, or mixing different genres or song types to keep the dance floor rockin' with smooth transitions. You deserve the best for your special event and you should not settle for less than the ultimate event specialists, us!!

Areas Served by SamsonWeb Entertainment

  • Los Angeles-long Beach-santa Ana, Ca Metropolitan Orange County

Services Offered by SamsonWeb Entertainment

  • Other Event Types