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Transbeats Entertainment LLC
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DJ Maverick is an ardent music lover who developed his love and passion for music at an early age. DJ Maverick always had an ear for good music and was very popular amongst his friends for playing music at local parties. Back in the days he would queue up the songs on cassette tapes and would play them in sequence to provide non-stop fun and entertainment. For 30 years, he has been following his passion for music and has been playing music and entertaining people at private parties. He has gained extensive knowledge of different music genres and has created a vast collection of Western, Indian, Spanish, and European music. DJ Maverick has catered to multiple clients and is popular for his ability to hold the crowd on the dance floor, for his flawless mixing skills, and for ensuring the event to be fun, captivating, and memorable. He specializes in almost all genres of music from the 60s to the contemporary music. DJ Maverick has Bachelors Degree in Statistics and Masters in Business Administration. ​ DJ Maverick's music entertainment company, Transbeats Entertainment LLC, is famous for bringing in the beats from both sides of the Atlantic. It offers quality and fun entertainment in Houston, Dallas, and Austin areas. Transbeats Entertainment LLC, is a fully insured company and we will provide the Certificate of Liability to the facility/venue at which the event is being held. Transbeats Entertainement uses all professional grade equipment to provide high quality sound like JBL SRX and PRX Series, Mackie SRM Series, dbx DriveRack, Shure Cordless Microphones, Mackie Mixer, Pioneer DJ Controller with Serato, Native Instruments DJ Controller with Traktor, etc.

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