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Ty Curtis King is a Minnesota-born, California-raised, Colorado-based filmmaker/photographer who's work is known for being dark, edgy, and over-the-top. He is known for his "gritty low-angle" shooting technique, and "run-and-gun" shooting that allow him to get into the action, and capture dynamic shots in the heat of the moment. He approaches each project with passion and intensity. It is within his REALM that he pushes the creative boundaries of his craft by challenging his CREATIVITY and DIVERSITY. He challenges himself in his SKILLS and TECHNIQUES as an ARTIST and a PHOTOGRAPHER, in order to adapt and evolve to meet specific needs of each client and to exceed their expectations. Ty attended The New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA where he studied Film Direction/Composition. He later graduated from the Firefighter Academy at Pueblo Community College in Pueblo, Colorado as a Certified Firefighter in order to gain a realistic understanding of fire ground operations so he could readily adapt his experience to the lead character in a film that is currently in Development. It is this level of challenge and commitment that he thrives on for each new project he undertakes. His unique eye for composition, and his ability to manage complex productions, as well as large-scale photoshoots make him the perfect candidate for your next creative project. To find a Photographer who falls within your budget is easy. However, to find one who stands out above all the rest isn't so simple. What can Ty Curtis King offer you that no other Photographer can...? Immediately upon booking your photo session, Ty and his team of creative Wizards hit the "War Room" where they brainstorm, collaborate, and ready an "Action Plan" to execute a one-of-a-kind photoshoot that will set you apart from all the rest. NO "generic poses!" He goes to great lengths to understand what makes you unique, as he uncovers your aspiration, pursuit, and dreams through a series of written questions, designed to gather certain detailed information about you that he may incorporate into his "Action Plan." Surrender your mind, body and soul to the process and he will reward you with all the breathtaking moments, captured in amazing high-resolution images.

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