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I feel honored to have the opportunity to do what I love to do and get paid for it at the same time. My passion for photography just kinda came out of no where. I had my son at 24 thinking of what I wanted to be when I "grew up" and really trying to find myself all while being a full time mom. As a stay at home mom, I knew I got to experience so much more than daddy that works full time could. So I starting taking pictures. I already loved to take my camera with me everywhere and take pictures of my friends and I hanging out but the quality was never more than just your average snapshot until I started documenting my son's life for his daddy and out of town family. With in the first few months, my family and friends told me how much better I was getting each and every month. By the time he was one, my heart was being shared with another passion, photography. I took one 4 session basic course in a continuing education program that taught me enough to inspire me to work hard and try this as a career. I then had a 100 picture a day goal, no matter what they were of or where I was, just to shoot 100 pictures a day to test and experiment to get better. Soon I started offering free sessions for families and children until someone told me they would pay me to do it. And from there, the rest is history. Because I learned on my own without instruction, being an emotional woman and also a mother has defined my style as something very different than the rest. I tend to capture moments that most photographers don't see or have already packed up and walking to the car. I love candid shots, I love catching that one perfect moment. Its that moment that will make you look at the pictures years later and be brought right back to that moment in time. But I shoot a wide variety of styles. Call me modern, traditional, photo journalistic, personal and emotional, but I have never been one for labels, as the second you get to meet me, you will you know that. My whole life I have been different, I have never fit into a stereotype, I have always thought out of the box and I am truly one of a kind. So I know that everyone has his or her's own personality and its my job to put it on film. I do one thing and one thing only, I capture YOU. As for the seniors, models and entertainers that are thinking of hiring me, I promise to think out of the box to get that perfect shot you want to share with your friends, agents or the world. In my family and child portrait sessions I encourage the parents to play with the children and get on the ground and roll around as they were at home. After a little time, you will forget all about me and I have the special privilege, even if its just a short time, to be a fly on the wall and capture your real life. The small little details that no one else sees, but I capture it forever. In my engagement, bridal and wedding sessions, I am able to have that same passion in my images. I am able to catch the couple cuddling, or holding hands as they walk to the next spot to shoot, or the whispers when they thing my camera is down. I love to catch the bride when she just knows how beautiful she looks and get the elegant shots she sees and her day as a princess. As for "the day" the day, you have been waiting for and dreaming about makes my heart flutter as much as yours. Thank you for taking the time to read about me but enough about me, it's really all about you. How can I help you make today last forever? Types of photography I offer: Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Bridal Parties, Bachelor Parties, Pregnancy, Baby Showers, Birthing, Newborn, Children, Family Portraits, Senior Pictures, Candid, Animals and Pets, Birthday Parties, Artistic Nudes, Boudoir, Artistic, Events, Special Occasions, Sports/ Action, Head Shots, Fashion, Commercial ***If you don’t see the service you need on the list, please ask, I only use the list as a tool to see what all is available.*** Also offering a video services from still photography

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