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Company Description

Passion is what drives a photographer to start a business. Picking up a camera as a young adult, experimenting, learning, earning degrees, awards and certifications - that was the path that lead me to say: this is my calling. Hi, I’m Laura - owner, lead photographer, mastermind and pun maker extraordinaire at Andree Photo. I'm a European wedding photographer bending light and focus on the sunny Gulf Coast. Composition is king when creating an image! Traveling all throughout the US and beyond allows me and my team to find beauty everywhere. I'm not scared of turning day into night and lighting up the sky to rain down twinkles and starbursts on my couples. People state that my work is different and cookie cutter is just not a word in my vocabulary. I don't just ‘show up’ on a given wedding day. The experience starts from first contact, where we decide if I will be part of your life. A thorough interview process will tell us if we're right for each other. I look for connection between you two. You be you in all your beauty, all your fun and quirky, all your sweet and sensual. Because love is as different as 7 billion people. We will then start planning the various events you have booked. The engagement is usually a 2 hour photo shoot where we look for great light and combine outfits and locations, then introduce the most important element: YOU. It will give us a chance to get familiar with one another, be casual and easy on each end of the camera. If props are your heart's desire, my styling eye will transform holding hands by a campfire into a delightful magazine worthy table-scape that will lead us into enjoying decadent sweets and telling stories of times past and future by the glow of the fire. Your bridal portraits are meant to portray you. Alone, in your dress, with professional hair and makeup and a stunning bouquet, we'll create heirloom portraits of you as a bride. It's an experience that empowers and puts you at ease when it comes to your wedding day and allows us to create something truly unique for each and every person. When it comes to your wedding creative couple portraits, a little direction will go a long way. I'll show you how fun it is to just stumble in one another's arms, laugh and grin while I'm clicking away. Whether you'll choose a First Look or keep things as traditional and classic as they've been for centuries, in the end, we are there to do one thing and one thing alone. Celebrate YOU.

Areas Served by Andree Photography

  • Mobile, Al Metropolitan

Services Offered by Andree Photography

  • Corporate Media
  • Photo Booth
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Reception
  • LGBT Events