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Every picture tells a story-- that's the creed of photojournalism. Weddings are more than just two people who decided to say I love you in a ceremony. Portraits are more than a couple or a collection of people-- they are the story of a family. Expectant mothers, graduating seniors, newborn babies-- these life events are so much more than a posed pretty picture. They are life, they are stories, they are moments. Our passion is capturing that special moment for you-- a truer and deeper moment than simply "I love you, we got married, it was beautiful, we are in love." At Candid Apple Photography we are committed to bringing out the uniqueness and quirkiness and fun that is specific to each subject. Who are you, really? Are you an avid fly fisherman? A musician? A gardener? A motorcycle enthusiast? Do you love playing chess with your soulmate? Who you are should come through in the images of your life. That's the goal for us-- we want our photos to tell your story. That's why we want to really spend some time figuring out what will make your photos the best for you. Below is a contact form-- fill it out and let's get the process started. We'll contact you and begin a dialogue on what you want out of your photos. We know that choosing a photographer is a complicated process, and we're truly hoping that Candid Apple can meet more of your exact needs than just a dollar amount or convenience. So send us an email and we'll do our best to make sure you get more than just pictures. We'll get the real you.

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  • Sacramento--arden-arcade--roseville, Ca Metropolitan

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  • Weddings
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