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Daniela Studio of Photography
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You may find that the portraits from our studio may be priced somewhat higher than that of lesser quality studios, or the many part-time photographers in our area, yet, our prices are very affordable. It all depends on the value you place on beautiful, artistic images of those closest to your heart. Whether portraying a mood, a moment, a time, or a place, the value of a portrait from Daniela Studio increases as time goes by. More than "just pictures," our studio creates its art with imagination and sensitivity, sketched first in the mind's eye and then captured by the lens. The result can be a poignant and candid reflection of life: as it is... as it was... as you would like to remember. Our clients come from just about every walk of life, but they all have one common interest ---- they desire a beautiful image that will capture a moment in time of someone they hold very dear to their hearts. They treasure the images we create of their loved ones. A wall portrait from Daniela Studio is an investment for your family... why not call today and set up an appointment for us to create an heirloom portrait of someone you love, or perhaps of yourself to pass on to someone you love. Remember - our portraits aren't expensive, they're priceless! For additional pricing inquires... Studio hours are Tuesday - Friday, 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM.....610-228-4750

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