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Elizabeth Scott Photography
Company Description

These days just about anyone can take a good picture. Most modern-day cameras are so sophisticated that really all you have to do is point, click, and you’ll have a pretty good image. Having a good image, though, will only get you so far. We want to do more than just take a good image. You can do that on your own. We view photography as a means of telling a story, your story. We want to capture the moment in a way that’s not a just a snapshot of reality, but rather a comprehensive memory, complete with feeling and tone. In our view, photography is a way helping you relive a particular moment in time from all angles. When you look at one of our images, we want to take you back to that moment so you can relive it for all time. Anyone can take good picture, so we’re not interested in that. We want to use our cameras to freeze a moment of your life in a way that allows you to fully revisit it anytime you want.

Areas Served by Elizabeth Scott Photography

  • Statesville-mooresville, Nc Micropolitan

Services Offered by Elizabeth Scott Photography

  • Weddings
  • Other Event Types