Eventful Journeys Photography
Company Description

We are a husband and wife team that has experienced many Eventful Journeys in our 40+ years together. Our passion for creating unique and amazing photographic art comes from our reflecting on our life together as we look back on those moments when the camera caught just that right image of a face, a laugh, a cry, a kiss, a wedding ring just placed, a vow just taken, or that first dance. Believe me when I say that the memory of these special events fades with the passage of time. Photographs can bring back a flood of memories in a moment, and with those memories, a kaleidoscope of feelings; feelings that might have been locked away for years. Photographs allow us to recapture those feelings we thought were gone for good. Photographs may tell the story of a certain event or life journey. They are moments, frozen in time, that describe you, your individual personalities, and your family dynamics. We believe that everyone should own a camera and be a photographer. It is easier these days with digital point-and-shoot cameras. These cameras do an adequate job when it comes to everyday snapshots of the family on vacation, etc. However, when that very special event occurs the services of a professional photographer will ensure that these events are captured in the very best possible way. And even though we at Eventful Journeys Photography are dedicated to capturing all of Life’s Journeys with the highest quality, professional photography services available, we specialize in Wedding Journeys. We LOVE weddings and LOVE being able to capture all the amazing images of our couple’s special day…we want to ensure that each of our couples has an eternal memory of one of the most spectacular days in their Life Journey. We combine artistic flair with technical skill to create and preserve an eternal memory of your Eventful Journeys.

Areas Served by Eventful Journeys Photography

  • Atlanta-sandy Springs-marietta, Ga Metropolitan Coweta County

Services Offered by Eventful Journeys Photography

  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Reception
  • Other Event Types