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Weddings are a symphony of light, love, color, and emotion. These are the things I love and spend my life trying to capture. There is nothing as beautiful as a genuine, spontaneous smile or the sunlight that frames a newlywed’s embrace (it always seems to glow just a little more!). I am a photojournalist at my core, and I believe in the power of human emotions to tell their own story. "Photojournalistic" is a word that has become popular in wedding photography, but the art and craft of storytelling photography takes a certain amount of talent, practice, and passion. From the day I picked up a camera, this has been my focus. Quite simply, I shoot weddings because I love them - I love the beauty of the day and the limitless potential for timeless photographs - and I love the happiness of the couple and their family and friends when they see the day visually recounted in grace and beauty. As a photographer, I have two jobs: (a) to capture the entire story of your day, start to finish, and get that to you in a collection of vibrant, perfectly-toned images that you can share easily with family and friends, and (b) to help take as much of the work and stress off of your (and your family's!) shoulders as possible. To this end, I offer a flat-fee package which accomplishes both of these. I look forward to planning your wedding photography with you! Kris

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