Nter Galactic Studio
Company Description

I love just about everything about Photography! The idea of capturing that memory in blink of an eye or shutter intrigues me, lol. Photography is my passion and it has become my muse! I live my life trying to enjoy it rather then seeing all the negative this world and people have to offer.. I spend a lot of time devoted to my family, my work, my animals and my friends.. But the most important thing I find interesting are just people themselves.. I love to sit back a just watch them. You will get some of your best photography that way.. Life is photography and photography is my life. For more details please visit the website.

Areas Served by Nter Galactic Studio

  • Dallas-fort Worth-arlington, Tx Metropolitan Tarrant County

Services Offered by Nter Galactic Studio

  • Weddings
  • Other Event Types