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Se habla Español! Respectful greetings, I would like to begin by congratulating you for your upcoming wedding. Weddings are beautiful, they are very special, they involve months of planning and for most individuals a wedding is a one time experience. Therefore, you need a good and experienced photographer. My experience as a wedding photographer combined with my professional equipment allows me time after time to document every important moment of the wedding day and keep my customers happy. Here is how I work. The photography/video crew arrives 30 minutes before the time indicated in the contract. A contract is signed for every job. The customer will have a payment plan. You do not payment the whole amount until I give you the work and your are satisfied with the results. The crew wears formal attire and carries high definition cameras and other professional equipment such as wireless microphones, radio transmitters to trigger the flash wirelessly, etc. The photography and video is done in the following way (in most cases). First, arrive to the hotel or the bride's place and photograph the dress, shoes, rings, jewelry, invitation, bouquet, etc. Second, photograph the bride getting ready. Third, photograph the bride alone. We need beautiful pictures of the bride. It is her day. She needs to shine more than anyone else. Fourth, photograph the bride with her brides maids and close family members. Fifth, photograph the first look (If the couple choose to do the first look). Sixth, photograph the couple alone. We need great shots of them. Seventh, photograph the ceremony. Eight, if the couple chooses not to do the first look, then we will photograph the groom during the cocktail hour and then get beautiful pictures of the newly married. Ninth, photograph the details in the ballroom such as the center pieces, the place cards, the tables, the cake, etc. Tenth, photograph andthe reception and go with the flow documenting the entrance, the first dance, the toast, the speeches, the dance, the throwing of the bouquet and garter and the cutting of the cake. The price is $700 for each service. This is a basic package. My prices usually range from $700 to $4,200. With the basic package the client will get a CD with all the hight resolution pictures and the raw video footage in a flash memory. In a 100 guest party, I will easily get at least 1,200 HR pictures. I will also edit 50 pictures in photoshop. The basic package includes six hours of work and I can cover up to two different places. If possible, I like to meet my couples in person. I like them to come to my place to see my work, see my equipment and get to know me. This is not included in the price mentioned above, but for a very affordable price I can design in Photoshop a beautiful either leather or hard cover album. The album comes in a gift box and with decorative ribbon. I can also edit the video in Final Cut Pro. The video could have scrolling up text, a photo montage, background music, special effects and most importantly, it could be divided in different chapters for easy navigation. The DVDs (usually 2 of them) come in a DVD case that I design in Photoshop. In most cases, I also have a lighting assistant who helps me with the light, carries my bag of lenses and second camera. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions. I look forward hearing back from you soon. Tino Tel. 646 210 2446

Areas Served by Tino Photography & Video

  • New York-northern New Jersey-long Island, Ny-nj-pa Metropolitan Queens County

Services Offered by Tino Photography & Video

  • Bridal Shower
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Wedding Reception