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HARK Digital Productions
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Our President and founder, Kenneth A. Kohler, had a vision to create long lasting memories for private use at a cost that would not take your breath away. Memories of certain events in our lives should be preserved in a media format that can stand the test of time. Throughout our daily lives many of us do not stop to think what is the right thing to do. We must act quickly and there is always someone who comes out on the short end of the stick. Life is too short to not hold on to our moral values. Mr. Kohler has been raised within a strict German Lutheran background that believes in compassion for other’s through faith in Jesus Christ. This dedication to his faith has set the standard for the organization. “Do the right thing” will always be the basis of the organization. Mr. Kohler’s grandfather, Howard Arther William Kohler, was an individual that thought things through, the least little detail was never overlooked. Being an employee of Bell Aircraft in Niagra Falls during World War II, he helped build aircraft until he retired and passed to life eternal in January of 1988. The father of our president learned from a very early age that you are not automatically given the keys to the family coffers by design. He learned that you must make your own life and choices with the ethics you grew up with. Ronald Howard Kohler moved his family to the Cleveland area in 1976 for work in Government research. This lead to other opportunities in the private sector. Kenneth A. Kohler was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, moved to Cleveland in 1976 and graduated from Aurora High School in 1979. His vision never stopped as he worked in construction and finally started his broadcasting career at a small broadcasting school in Cleveland. This took Ken on numerous travels, which included stops in Nevada, Ohio, Misourri, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and West Virginia. Throughout his 10-year radio career in on-air work and commercial production, he always believed that making people feel good about themselves was the best medicine in life. Mr. Kohler came back to the Cleveland area after his wife Gail convinced him to put down some roots and reconnect with their family. This work ethic and dedication to “Do the Right Thing” every day prompted Mr. Kohler to give back what he has been given to this day, his faith in Jesus Christ. The meaningful events of our journey in life that we can share with others. HARK stands for Howard Aurther, Ron and Ken. A company that will never overlook the smallest detail, work hard to prove yourself every day, and make you smile and be happy with the life God has chosen for you.

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